Company History

Integrity Communications was formed in 2002 by Mike Naughton and Paul Nero to capitalize on the opportunity of deregulation in the telecom industry.   They secured a relationship with the present AT&T (formerly SBC/Ameritech), and initially formed as an AT&T Solution Provider.  They brought with them over 10 years of sales and sales management experience in the telecom industry.  Their vision was to create a company where the focus was to bring quality telecom services to small and medium sized customers while maintaining a focus on customer service.

Integrity’s initial business model was a direct sales force that focused on Northeast Ohio business customers.  In 2004, after experiencing a large amount of success in the Cleveland area, they duplicated the direct sales model in the Detroit, MI region. Integrity quickly became one of the largest producing AT&T providers in the Midwest region.  Just as Integrity was making plans for additional expansion throughout the Midwest, they experimented with a new type of sales process that would change the future of the company.

In early 2005, AT&T and Integrity began to use a technology called TPV, or Third Party Verification.  After 2 short days of experimenting with TPV, the owners knew that this was the future of their business.  This new break through essentially changed the entire business model for Integrity.  Instead of traveling to visit the customer, it brought the customer straight to Integrity’s office via the phone and internet.  The entire sales process could now be completed virtually.  It made for more contacts per day and shortened the sales cycle, while still maintaining the highest levels of customer service and product reliability.

Throughout the remainder of 2005, Integrity transitioned to the call center model of selling their services.  They brought on experienced call center professionals, upgraded their technology with state of the art call center predictive dialing equipment, and grew the sales professionals to over 100 inside sales representatives.  This explosive growth enabled Integrity to achieve many national awards for sales growth in the coming years, including becoming a 2 time Inc. 500 winner for one of the fastest growing companies in the country, as well as becoming the largest producing AT&T Solution Provider in the Midwest in the 20 year history of the channel.

In 2008, Integrity was confident that they could expand on their core business model of the call center application, but in other industries.  Integrity has since expanded into the energy industry by representing  Energy suppliers throughout North America in both the natural gas and electricity markets.  They continue to invest in call center technology to better enable them to service both their customers and their partners at the highest levels.   They currently employ over 100 employees at their facility, with ample room for expansion.

  • Corporate Headquarters:
    Integrity Communications
    5711 Grant Ave
    Cleveland Ohio 44105



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