Energy FAQ

Who is Integrity Communications?
Integrity Communications is one of the fastest-growing private companies in America, we partner with various vendors to offer their services to the end user.

Why should I use Integrity Communications?

Integrity Communications has been chosen by these vendors to offer their products due to their expertise and knowledge in the industry.

Will I receive a charge from Integrity?
No, Integrity is contracted with the vendor and receives payment from them.

Would I receive a better rate if I called the vendor Directly?

No, Integrity is able to offer the same rates as the vendor that we are calling on behalf of.
In some situations we may be able to offer larger discounts due to the amount of customers that we sign up.

Why do Natural Gas prices change?
There are many reasons that could effect the rate of natural gas, some of the most common reasons could be supply vs. demand, weather conditions, and the economy.

Should I sign up for a variable of a fixed rate?
Every company’s natural gas usage is unique, we are aware that certain plans may fit your needs better than others. Please contact our sales office so we can discuss the different options and recommend the best plan.

Will my bill still come from the Utility?
Yes, no matter which utility you are using, your bill will still come from them.
In certain regions, you may see a note on your bill that your natural gas is being supplied by ______________.

How do I sign up?

You will need to have a current copy of your natural gas bill, we will need to have your account # and one of our sales associates will walk you through the process.

Do I have to call my current provider before I switch?

No, we will handle everything for you.

  • Corporate Headquarters:
    Integrity Communications
    5711 Grant Ave
    Cleveland Ohio 44105



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