Your success is Our Success

At Integrity Communications we understand that creating a perfect partnership means ensuring both parties success.  We are committed to our partners and will dedicate a team of professionals to work specifically on your campaign. We have developed, launched and delivered on campaigns for clients of all sizes, and are able to tailor the campaign depending on your specific needs.

Just a few of our services include:

  • Campaign Development
  • Training
  • Predictive Dialing
  • Selling

Campaign Development

-    During the campaign development stage we will work with your staff to explore the various options and services that we will be able to offer.  We don’t try to re-invent the wheel; we will however take your products, inject our expertise and skills, and create an ideal working model. With this model in place we will be strive to exceed the goals that our clients expect.


-    Training is one of the most important steps in the cycle; this is where we separate ourselves from our competition. Integrity exclusively represents products in the telecommunications & energy industries.  Our management teams have the background and proficiency to deliver superior knowledge to our sales force.  Creating highly trained professionals that are dedicated to their specific field.  Our advanced training does not stop with the launch of a new campaign; it is continued throughout an employee’s career with Integrity.

Predictive Dialing

-    With the use of predictive dialing we are able to speak to a potential customer on every call. What this means to you is that we are eliminating answering machines, disconnected numbers and other contact-prohibiting factors allowing us to maximize production and increase our results. We are committed to providing you the most advanced technology and supporting your unique needs.


-    Once your campaign has been built, scripts have been loaded and agents are thoroughly trained, we are ready for what we do best. Integrity has developed a sales process that is like no other, whether it is a TPV (third party verification) process or submitting paper contracts we will be able to meet and exceed your needs. If your sale requires multiple calls with funnel management or if your sale can be sold in 1 call we will deliver results.

We realize our partners not only want to see results, but want to know that their company is being represented in the correct manner. Integrity Communications employs one of the finest management teams in the industry today to ensure the quality of your calls. We pride ourselves on not only the volume of our sales, but selling the right way.

Some of the features that would be available to you are:

  • Remote monitoring
  • Call recording – all or a percent
  • Quality Assurance
  • On-going training
  • CRC reports

  • Corporate Headquarters:
    Integrity Communications
    5711 Grant Ave
    Cleveland Ohio 44105



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